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The Journey Through Overwatch



A game developed and published by Blizzard has brought much attention to millions of players globally. The game is heavily team based and falls under the category of multiplayer/first person shooter. Upon its initial official release on May 24th, 2016 for both PC and Console gamers alike it has drew nearly 10 million players! With such outstanding numbers and popularity we had to do a blog to express how much this game has impacted us as players. Although this will be from the PC version aspect most will apply similarly to the console version as well.


The journey started as soon as it released on May 2016 of course already familiar with it during open and closed beta testing. Highly anticipated and it did not disappoint with a plethora of on-going changes and updates till this day. Renowned reputation for also creating the leading MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) and many other amazing game titles. Overwatch has paved the way for any current and future competition and will definitely be the leader in their industry. Considering their LAN competitions and tournaments with prize pool that can hit a million dollars! Streamers and youtubers constantly pouring their experience and content revolving around the game, we can surely say its a game worthy of a blog!


First Impression/Look of the Game


You’ll realize soon after logging into their lobby the art style of the game which can be considered more of the cartoony side with a soft touch of realism. Blizzard’s personal decision to stray away from a more realistic sharp style has paid off quite well adapting to most age group. As seen above this is a map called Hanamura that will be used as a visual example of how the game presents itself. Although you can clearly tell it’s cartoony art style there is a depth of realism and physics that applies to a degree. The game paired with these 2 styles make it aesthetically pleasing to the user without being labeled for a younger audience. Finding that silver line between such a huge age group of gamers can be extremely difficult but Blizzard has found a way to accomplish the feat! Maps and character models come with the cartoony aspect but surprisingly also with depth and details.


The game can only cater and please so many user, there will always be others who do not personally enjoy or care about this game. Like any other game published out on the market there is always a balance of ecstatic users and disapproving users. Each individual user has their own personal preferences to consider if the game is worth their time. Taking into consideration the enormous variables for each user to decide on purchasing this game and liking it, blizzard has tried their best to cover most of the player base.


Gameplay and Modes


Most popular modes will consist of 6 vs 6 that separates into two categories: Competitive & Arcade. Competitive mode will provide the player with SR/MMR which is a ranking similar to Chess upon losing and winning matches. Arcade will be more casual without the ranking system for those who want to play and dabble with new strategies and characters. Competitive mode comes with payload escort/point capture/hybrid, hybrid would be a merge of both payload and capture. Arcade mode on the other hand will give you many more options which includes quick play as a staple and rotating unique modes varying depending on the week. Capture the flag, death match, team death match, lockout, and unique modes reflecting upon the holiday or event.


With your classic 6 vs 6 the hero selection usually will consist of some sort of communication with the other 5 members on your team to create a solid composition. Although no 2 players can play the same character there are a handful of heroes to choose from. Providing you with support, tank, and dps (damage per second) categorized for your convenience to distinguish easily what hero type they are. The choices you make are entirely up to you at this point and how your team cohesion comes into play is different every game. The game comes with a indicator which will notify your entire team if it feels you are lacking in a certain field so you may choose appropriately but is not required. Most of the time the indicator is not taken into consideration when choosing a character because it’s not aware of the current change logs or meta but only giving you a face value of the 3 categories.


In competitive mode: Randomized maps consisting of payload escort/ point capture/ or hybrid of both with teams taking a turn in offense and defense. Objective of competitive mode is to perform better than your opposing team in order to win the match. Giving you an opportunity to redeem yourself if you’ve done poorly on one side of the match, you’ll be given another chance to possibly win, lose, or draw on a match. Upon completing the match you will be either rewarded with an increase in your rank or a decrease resulting from a defeat


In arcade mode: Randomized maps consisting of payload escort/ point capture/ or hybrid of both with teams ONLY playing half a side whether it is defense or attack. Objective is a bit different from competitive because you’re only given one chance/side to win. You will be randomly either be placed on attack or defense but regardless of what mode you’re on you want to try your best to win because there is no half time switch. Upon completing the match there is no rank making it more casual and less intense, with arcade mode you are also free to leave a game whenever you need to without being penalized like competitive mode.


In case this is too limiting for you there is a third option of game mode called custom, which allows you to create your very own lobby! You are able to customize the specific map, mode, and privacy. Play with strangers or set a private room to play with those who are invited only with the leisure of perhaps choosing your favorite mode and map. All custom games are unranked and is considered arcade casual meaning you are able to leave whenever it pleases you.


The Community


As with all games some attract a certain genre of personalities while other games attract quite the opposite. Luckily with such a large company like Blizzard they do enforce rules and provide you an option to report problems and players. A very vigilant team is assigned to address most of the reports that goes on in Overwatch and is usually handled discreetly and quickly. Of course you’ll have a handful of troublemakers as with every game but it’s not so rampant where is prevents you from enjoying the game. What’s great about this game is you’ll be able to meet people from all colors of the rainbow, good and bad! Odds are low but it does happen from time to time and we can only report offenses to the best of our ability and hope administrators handle it promptly.


With a large player base of millions you’ll be sure to find a game quickly with a estimated wait time of a couple minutes depending on the time of day. The player base is most favorable because of the speed you’re able to get in the action quickly compared to other games having you wait 15 minutes or more! All in all its a great community that allows you to socialize and meet new players with minimal flaws that can be addressed as time goes by. Blizzard is always doing what they can to improve our experience and community the best they can by being vigilant and active with the players.


Updates & Changes

Blizzard has been consistently updating Overwatch accordingly through the course of the game. Always pushing out new content and events to attract new players while maintaining their current players. Celebrating anniversaries, holidays, and your occasional off events in between. Coming out with enticing/attractive cosmetics skins for your characters is probably the most popular part of the game but they also provide icons, spray paint, logos, and emotes! With the occasional free loot boxes just for updating the game, even times where a legendary loot box was given to every user for the event! Character models and abilities are forever changing to adapt the with release of new heroes and addressing problems occurring through gameplay. Balances and change log can be found on their homepage with the technicalities.


The lore is especially interesting consisting of short clips and snippets to many hero’s story line. Giving you an engaging depths to each character helps build an understanding and a fan base around a specific character. As new characters are released usually a animated snippet will come with it to help better understand the role of where this hero will go in the story lore. Random animated clips will also release with the occasional patch update or event which can be really entertaining. With such an active community it is hard to see the game going anywhere for a very long time and rest assured everyone and game on!




This blog was inspired by the courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment for providing all the screenshots and materials.

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