Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

This is one of several keyboards available right now that is considered extremely trendy and popular. Highly requested by many viewers and suggested to be reviewed on Villains Gaming! Understandably most are quite comfortable with their current keyboard or perhaps in search of a new one but is skeptical and needs some reassurance before making such a commitment. Before we dive straight into all the aesthetics and features of this modern beauty it’s crucial as a potential or current owner of this item to grasp the history of keyboards.

Evolution of Keyboards

Some may have assumed that mechanical keyboards are recently new to the market therefore making them so desired. Mechanical style keyboards have existed since 1985, developed by one of the first was IBM naming their product “Model F” & “Model M”. Although IBM was one of the first on the scene a German Company that goes by the name of Cherry was also developing their own vision of a mechanical keyboard. Cherry is revered today as the godfather of mechanical keyboards after establishing the first variety of mechanical keys:


  • Cherry Black – ( Requires more energy than most of it’s fellow switches in regarding to key pressing due to stronger springs. Making this switch ideal for RTS games because the high weighting can prevent accidental key presses that can happen with the more sensitive switches.)


  • Cherry Red – ( Has a low actuation force designed for rapid fire spamming made it ideal for gamers because of the light weighting which reduced fatigue. Allowing for longer gaming or work sessions for prolonged periods of time)


  • Cherry Brown – (This switch is determined to be in between Red and Black Cherry switches providing a tactile “non-clicky” feel which makes it appropriate for gaming or office environments)


  • Cherry Blue – (Will clearly be the loudest keystroke clicks of all the color switches designed mainly for typist because of the tactile bump feel and audible clicks. Not suggested for gamers because of high weighting)

When figuring out the style of mechanical keyboard you’ll often hear users comparing it to these standards, although as technology progresses many other large competitors are coming out with their very own version key switches. Do keep in mind when deciding on a keyboard these are all just suggestions and the information provided should not limit your choices if you have strong preferences.

***At one moment in time I had this keyboard paired with the most elegant mouse, basically G910’s soulmate. I was using the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum which you can check out in my other review here!***


Logitech G910 Orion Spark


This keyboard is personally once of my favorites and I’ll tell you a bit why! Compared to their counterpart which uses pressure sensitive tab that sits on a plastic membrane (mushy key feeling) the mechanical steel springs (tactile clicky feeling) clearly feels much better for my preference. The durability of mechanical keyboards is undoubtedly proven to be a favored choice compared to their membrane counterpart. Aside from already knowing mechanical has been proven through testing to last longer it is also more accurate when used correctly. Currently not using this keyboard but I did use it between 2-3 years if i remembered correctly. For the quality of materials and the price I purchased it for it definitely gave me the best bang for my buck, assuming how erratically I would button smash during games. Now lets get into the bells and whistle of this item and break it down for a clearer idea if this keyboard is right for you!


  • Keyboard Interface: USB


  • Mechanical Keyboard: Yes


  • Back Lighting: Yes


  • Dimensions: 1.40″ x 19.90″ x 8.30″ (without palm rest)


  • Palm Rest: Detachable


  • Type: Wired


  • Normal Keys: 113


  • Function Keys: 9


  • Operating System Support: Windows 10 (Native), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7


  • System Requirements: Powered USB Port (Internet connection and 100MB hard drive space for software download *optional*)


  • Color: Black


  • Key Switch Type: Romer-G



  • Romer-G Mechanical Switches: (Trademarked version of their switches is comparable to the Cherry Series providing up to 25% faster actuation, allowing milliseconds if not more advantage over your typical competitors.)


  • Intelligent RGB Lighting: (With over 16 million+ variation of colors there is a color for everyone. Options to change colors of individual keys to any color and mode you want, have it flash or alternate colors. Allowing you to build you’re very own illuminated color customized keyboard set-up. If you’re a RGB fan you’ll absolutely love this function!)


  • ARX Control Integration: (An innovative feature that allows you to connect connect your smart phone or tablet to serve as a second screen. You’re able to use the second screen to display in-game info, important system statistics, and plenty more! Their adjustable smart dock supports iOS and Andriod devices to greater improve functionality of the software.)


  • 9 Programmable Keys/ Buttons: (G-keys allows for custom macros and commands 3 profiles for greater flexibility, supporting about 27 commands within the software. Simple and clean software designed to be extremely user friendly)


  • Anti Ghosting Keys: (113+ keys are extremely reliable when registering keystroke inputs  through the most intensive sessions)


  • Convenient Media Control: (Able to adjust volume with on-board scroll bar, mute, pause, and play buttons are methodically placed to enhance quick access)

Helpful Information

Membrane style keyboard keys wears out after an average of 5 million keystroke; Mechanical style keyboard keys wear out after an average of 50 million keystrokes; Logitech’s Romer-G technology keys wear out after an average of 70 million keystrokes!




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4 thoughts on “Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Keyboard

  1. makes sense why people kept saying cherry this cherry that in the reviews. didnt know that logitechs 910 has 70 million nice. keep improving your writes youre on the right track man

    1. Thanks for being one of our early supporters! Definitely a lot more content and plans coming down the road soon! We’ll continue to improve our content to satisfy our viewers as well, I appreciate your feedback.

  2. i need a new kb soon and have been deciding on this one or the razer blackwidow. probs going to go with g910 spark razer has been failing on my expectation plus im a die hard RGB fan and logitechs kb software has SO MUCH MORE color customization per key. Nice review if you review more products can you throw in even more details just because im greedy haha

    1. By all means if the logitech suits you better you must get it! Both brands are great and comparable depending on each users specific need. They’re both built with same great quality materials, some including 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy and carbon! It just depends on which brand caters to your specific needs to be honest. I will definitely throw in even more details and information on the next review just for you! 🙂

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