Logitech G502 Proteus RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

It’s a fair and reasonable assumption that if you cherish your gaming system you would of course spoil it with the best peripherals right? The gaming system you invested so much time or money into, it would only make sense to pair similarly equivalent accessories and peripherals. Today we’re introducing a popular/favorite gaming mouse, this review will provide you a bit more insight before purchasing or just some neat information if you’re already familiar with this item. We’re going to address a couple of key terms that can help you understand this product and it’s functions. There’s a lot of interesting things this mouse provides that numerous of other competitors lack around this typical price range and series. Lets dive straight in the contents of this beast and break it down into more digestible portions!

What is RGB and what does it do?

The acronym of RGB is Red, Green, and Blue. These are the base color models when combined in a variety of style reproduces a plethora array of different colors. When RGB is referred to in gaming hardware/devices it usually means the lighting. To be specific this mouse can be programmable up to 16.8+ million combination of colors! Customization of color lighting on devices are extremely popular and definitely helps set the theme of your gaming setup. All this can be done through Logitech’s user friendly software and applies to all their other products which makes our lives convenient. Not entirely a big fan of learning a complicated cluttered software just to change the color of a device so credit to Logitech and their innovative program for making it less tedious.


What is DPI and what does it do?

The acronym of DPI is “Dots Per Inch”. DPI is the number of “dots” or pixels the cursor on the screen move in one inch. Although it is still being debated if DPI actually affects game play is a touchy topic and we’ll avoid that for the sake of the review. Easily confused with mouse sensitivity there is a difference, easiest explanation would be that DPI is the accuracy of the sensor and mouse sensitivity is the speed of the cursor. Generally a low DPI setting will involve users moving more with their arms rather than their wrist. High DPI settings would require less mouse area compared to the low DPI user which needs much more space. Of course DPI and sensitivity collectively can provide a multitude of specific preferences for each individual user.

Did you know generally in (2016) professional tournaments about 70% of most expert gamers have a DPI value between the ranges of 800-1600? The percentage and DPI value is ever changing due to the technological development of gaming peripherals. Do not let this standard affect you in any way, we can all agree if you’re comfortable with a different DPI value and it works great for you just stick to it! That’s why we are fortunate to be provided so many options and variations of our very own DPI preferences.


Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum


Only focusing on items I personally own or have used makes it undoubtedly simple for me to recommend an item I believe is worth your while! I’ve had this mouse way back some time in the beginning of 2016 if I recall correctly. If you’re wondering what current mouse I’m using at this very moment it’s the one being reviewed right now! As of this current date (03/29/2018) this mouse is still being used and so far no problems whatsoever! You would assume maybe the RBG lighting has faded or dimmed out but it’s still as luminous as the first day I used it. The grip of the mouse just gives you a durable feel and you will notice the difference in the quality compared to other gaming mouses. Skates under the mouse has taken a beating from my spasms when I game but that is not the mouse’s fault, it’s still hanging in there for all these years. Of course the OCD inside my very being will not allow me to purchase a keyboard that will not match the mouse. So I had to find a Logitech keyboard that was fitting for my mouse to complete the set. I Finally appeased my inner OCD with the Logitech G910 Orion Spark which was a perfect match, you can get more information about that in my other review here. Now lets get technical with the features and specs!

Here is a diagram of the weight’s location:



  • Mouse Interface: USB


  • Interface: Wired


  • Preferred Grip Style: Fingertips


  • Tracking Method: Optical Sensor; Infrared LED


  • Min/Max DPI: 200-12,000 DPI


  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand Strongly Recommended


  • Buttons: 11


  • Adjustable Weights: 5 Pieces Each (3.6g)


  • Scroll Abilities: Tilt Wheel


  • Color: Black


  • Operating System Supported: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7


  • System Requirements: USB Port


  • Software: Internet Connection Required For Software Download (Optional)


  • Product Dimensions: (2.96 x 1.6 x 5.17 in)


  • Responsive and Accurate Sensors: (The sensors are one of the key highlight of this mouse providing extreme accuracy and responsiveness fit for a gamer. With a Infrared LED optical sensor it fails to miss a beat. By mouse sensor technology it would be considered one of the most reliable and best in the market)


  • Programmable RGB Lighting: (One of my favorite feature, providing you the option of over 16.8+ combination of colors! All programmable through their extremely user friendly software that guarantees a color that is right for you)


  • Programmable Buttons: (All 11 buttons on the mouse can be programmed again with the same software as easily,  selecting and entering a desired function with little effort or stress and saves multiple profiles)


  • Weight Control: (Most interesting feature by far on this mouse, giving you the freedom to adjust the weight of your mouse for a heavy or soft hand user. Which can play a crucial part in your performance if applied correctly to your individual need. Coming with a easy to access magnetic weight cavity door to add or remove additional weights. Comes with 5 pieces of 3.6g which can be placed in a variety of spots inside the mouse.)


  • On Board DPI: ( Instant DPI switch modes on the fly in-game for maximum accuracy and performance. Comes with notification RBG lighting when DPI is switch to a specific value which you can create/ add.)


  • Design: (Without an extremely fit and comfortable shape attached with grips, it allows for long intensive gaming session with less fatigue compared to similar competitor’s mouse in the same range)


  • Primary Mouse Buttons: (Logitech went out of their way to redesign your typical gaming mouse with improved keyplate. Which is designed to have a overall better experience in the click feeling and performance)

Helpful Information

Decked with 32-bit micro-controller, 1 millisecond report rate, and mechanical micro-switches which makes it the most ideal most for its market and range! Definitely a suggested and recommended choice for the quality and price! The most amazing part is the primary buttons are tested at a average of 20+ million clicks compared to your typical gaming mouse with 17 million clicks.


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9 thoughts on “Logitech G502 Proteus RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

  1. this mouse is dope for the current price but its OUT OF STOCK!!!! it keeps change the stock delivery date. jumped from april 3rd to 4th then to 6th now back to 5th. but whatever as long as they gettin more. nice review though keep pumping these out

    1. good luck jaydom because im trying to buy this mouse but today 4/2/18 it says in stock april 9th. i wouldnt doubt if it was shortage or discontinued unlikely though. check around other posts should be coming but the wait is annoying. got to buy instantly as soon as it come out because it probs will be out stock again.

      maybe author knows more details about it he could share with us since he wrote the review. let us know if you hear anything

      1. @jaydom @mybedislumpy
        I can assure you there has been no news about discontinuing the g502 proteus spectrum but the stock is a very apparent issue. The item is quite popular and they will constantly be restocking but many vendors also carry the mouse. Usually if it is discontinued the links above will either give you two options:
        1.) when you click on the link it will show an error.
        2.) when you click on the link it will tell you they are no longer delivering or selling this item.
        Regardless of both outcome i diligently check my link to make sure they are up to date and will announce it on the review page.
        thanks for your question and support guys! 🙂

  2. ≋≋≋≋≋̯̫⌧̯̫(ˆ•̮ ̮•ˆ) Nyan Cat says:

    how long is the mouse cord?

    1. Hey Nyan Cat, first of all i wanted to let you know i absolutely love your screen name lol

      The mouse cord measures approximately 6 1/2 feet ~ 78 inches ~ 2m. The length of this mouse cord usually satisfies most pc setup with its abundant distance

  3. i was going to complain about them being out of stock but someone already beat me to it. was reading reviews all over the web about this mouse before deciding to buy it. best price i found from someone reputable was amazon in your link but logitech isn’t selling directly because they are out of stock …. just a bunch of other sellers trying to sell it at a higher price. logitech and amazon needs to do something if they know its such a hot product man….really want to buy this mouse it says 12th april for stock so if they change the date again ill just find a new mouse. could you do another review on another mouse you recommend buying villains if this one is not in stock by 12th?

    1. i know its a new website and there more stuff coming could you do a review on a cheaper keyboard as well im on a budget

      1. I really appreciate your suggestions for reviews and will definitely be releasing a more economical choice for gamers by tomorrow. Possibly along with a game blog as well so keep that on your radar until tomorrow! Eventually there will be a plethora of reviews and blogs to help you out and give you ideas before making a final decision.

    2. Unfortunately due to the popularity of this item, specifically with amazon it’s hard to gauge when to necessarily restock without risking merchandise to sit there if they stock too much. Although I agree it’s extremely frustrating there is other vendors carrying this item certified to resell on amazon. Most 3rd party vendors do sell for a bit higher taking advantage of the shortage but keep your eyes peeled some of them sell for the same price but they sell quick!

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